Educational Opportunity Center

College admissions and financial aid services for people who need help getting in to college

Mercer University Educational Opportunity Center has helped thousands of adults and high school students go to college since the 1980's. We know what adults and high school students are looking for in a college education--and we are leading the way to college access, enhanced employment opportunities and personal growth and development. Going to college for the first-time or returning to school after many years may be overwhelming for those who do not have a good understanding of the college process. The Educational Opportunity Center offers admissions, financial aid, career planning and academic enrichment services. Our individualized approach is designed for you to receive the one-on-one attention you need each step of the way.

College placement services.  Financial aid help. Staff who care about your success.

That's making the right choice about your future!

Admissions and financial aid, career planning and academic services are three common threads that make the Educational Opportunity Center's services comprehensive and well-suited for those interested in going to college.

Admissions and Financial Aid Services include:

  • Completing admissions and financial aid forms (federal, state and institutional)  (GAfutures)
  • Familiarizing potential students about the different types of financial aid  (FAFSA)
  • Resolving defaulted loan issues, including reinstatement of Title IV eligibility
  • Paying admissions applications and exam fees when fee waivers are unavailable (Limited funding available)
  • Offering college tours

Career Services include:

  • Completing career assessments and interests inventories  (GAfutures)
  • Provide soft skills training and coaching
  • Outlining employment trends, job outlook and work responsibilities.
  • Offering job site tours

Academic Enrichment Services:

  • Providing SAT and ACT prep sessions 
  • Offering tutoring services
  • Conducting seminars and workshops on:
Reading Comprehension
Math skills
Test-taking Strategies
Computer Literacy
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